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Smartphones com as utilidades do YO! com um calendário para a a fácil marcação de férias e registo de horas extra

From the Age of Cell Phones to Smartphones: The Revolution that YO! Bring to Companies

We all remember the moment when cell phones gave way to smartphones. Suddenly, that device we used only to make calls and send messages has become a completely essential multi-tool.

This transition is comparable to what Portal YO! proposes: to unite several human resources management tools on a single platform.

Life Before Smartphones

Before smartphones, we were used to having a device for each function: a mobile phone to communicate, an MP3 player to listen to music, a GPS to guide us, flashlights, recorders, computers, among many others. It was functional but not practical.

In companies, the situation is similar when different programs and tools are used for each human resource management task: one for controlling time, another for performance evaluations, another for scheduling vacations, and so on.

The Smartphone Revolution

With the arrival of smartphones, our life has changed. Now, in one device, we have a world of features. It is more practical, efficient and organized, making it absolutely indispensable in our day-to-day lives.

The YO! Portal: The "Smartphone" of Human Resource Management

The YO! proposes a similar solution for companies, especially for SMEs:

Unification : Instead of a vast amount of programs and tools, the YO! offers a unified space to manage all aspects of the company's human resources.

Efficiency : Just as smartphones eliminated the need to carry multiple devices, the YO! prevents teams from having to jump between different platforms.

Accessibility : Just like a smartphone, which we can take anywhere, the YO! is accessible wherever we are, whether through a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Customization : Smartphones allow us to choose the apps we really need. The YO! allows each company to customize the platform according to their specific needs.

Constant Updates : Smartphones are always receiving updates to improve performance. The YO! it is also constantly evolving to ensure it is always at the forefront of HR management needs.

Conclusion: The Time for Change is Now

If it is already inconceivable for us to go back to the era before smartphones, why should companies settle for a fragmented set of management tools? The YO! is the answer for companies that want to enter the new era of human resource management: more integrated, efficient and prepared for the future.

Try the YO Portal! and make the transition for your company that you already made in your personal life with the arrival of smartphones.

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