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Keep a record of the hours worked by your employees, in an easily accessible and centralized place.

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Clock in and out registry

Employees can easily and quickly register their attendance via the Web, Mobile APP or other attendance control device.

Through the geolocation functionality, the company has visibility on the location of its employee at the beginning and end of the workday
Through the attendance menu always present on the web, you can quickly clock in and out without difficulty
You can also review the history of clock-ins and clock-outs and make edits as needed.
Painel de registo de entradas e saídas versão mobile numa plataforma intuitiva e fácil de utilizar

Places of attendance

It allows companies to define the possible locations for recording attendance, access and respective geofencing rules.

Set up attendance locations and assign a location to each employee
Mapa da localização dos locais onde cada colaboradores poderá dar entrada

Geographic restrictions

You can define geofencing rules at each attendance location to ensure that employees are attending within the allowed radius.

Validated with the GPS coordinates of each device
Colaborador usando a função de geolocalização para registrar presença dentro da área limitada

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