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1. Introduction

This Return Policy clarifies the conditions under which a customer may request returns related to the acquisition of subscription licenses for the use of the YO! Portal. Please read these conditions carefully before purchasing a subscription or modifying your license.

2. Trial Period

2.1. By subscribing to the 30-day free trial period, the customer submits their payment details. At the end of the trial period, the payment details provided will be automatically charged for the amount of the chosen subscription.

3. Subscription Renewal

3.1. Upon billing at the end of the trial period or at the end of any subscription period, the customer will have access to the YO! for 30 consecutive days. At the end of this period, a new subscription will be charged, unless the customer decides to cancel it.

4. Subscription Cancellation

4.1. If a customer chooses to cancel their subscription, it will remain active until the end of the billing period already paid for.

4.2. There are no refunds for cancellations made in the middle of the billing period.

5. Change in the Number of Licenses

5.1. Adding Licenses: If a customer decides to add licenses during an active subscription period, they will immediately be charged the prorated amount for the remaining days of that subscription period.

5.2. Removal of Licenses: If you choose to reduce the number of licenses, they will remain active until the end of the current subscription period. The subscription amount will be adjusted and reflected in the billing for the next period. No refunds will be made for licenses removed during the current period.

6. Exceptions

Returns outside these conditions will be considered individually and at the sole discretion of KnowledgeWorks - Consultoria em Sistemas de Informação, Lda , taking into account the specific circumstances of the request.

7. Contact

For questions related to this policy or any other questions about your subscription, please contact us at geral@knowledgeworks.pt