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Zuzana Fabianová CEO do Grupo Wondercom responsável pela criação do Portal YO!
Zuzana Fabianová
Susana Martins membro da equipa do YO! Portal
Susana Martins
Vera Vicente membro da equipa do YO! Portal
Vera Vincente
Filipa Dinis membro da equipa do YO! Portal
Filipa Dinis
  • About Us

    We are Wondercom, a Portuguese organization established in 1999, dedicated to the Telecommunications, Energy, and Information Technologies sectors.

    Over two decades of experience, we have cultivated our identity, earning the trust of our customers as a reliable partner.

    Our team of professionals is characterized by flexibility, dedication, commitment, and resilience, consistently delivering exceptional service.

  • Our History

    With over 20 years of achievements and results, our journey has been characterized by continuous learning and sustainable growth.

    Our success is built upon strong partnerships, a well-developed business culture, and the trust that has propelled us forward. We take pride in our journey.

  • Our Values

    We foster a spirit of dedication, professionalism, proximity, and achievement:

    Dedication: We adapt to our clients' business models and methods of operation, nurturing long-lasting partnerships.

    Professionalism: We cultivate a culture of excellence, continuously questioning and refining our procedures, evident in the quality of our projects and the effectiveness of our services and solutions.

    Proximity: We are always available and flexible, ready to meet our customers' needs and embrace new challenges.

    Achievement: We work responsibly, with wisdom and preparation, to achieve structured and impactful results.

  • Our Mission

    We aspire to implement and deliver innovative services and solutions, supported by cutting-edge technologies, and driven by highly qualified professionals.

    We cater to both businesses and individuals, tailoring solutions to meet each client's unique needs.

    Our goal is to become the trusted partner of choice for those who turn to us, consistently surpassing our objectives.

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