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Our goal is to use the latest and safest technologies to offer solutions to our clients' human resource management problems.

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Why choose Yo!

Focused on users

Our primary focus is on our customers and users, ensuring they have the best experience and their needs resolved.

Cost benefit

It has all the available features at no additional cost, and at the same time you can customize it to your needs.

Continuous improvement

We are always looking for continuous improvement. We develop new features for our customers and constantly evolve our product.

Designed for SME(s)

We work with companies from various business areas and our focus are small and medium-sized companies.

Multi-business oriented

  • Service Companies

  • Factories / Industry / Retail Stores

  • Companies with Remote Teams or Multi-Site

  • Companies with Field Service Teams


"Yo! makes my day-to-day work at the Company easier.
I can consult my documentation, request vacations and record attendance intuitively on my smartphone."

"Using Yo! allows me to manage the absences and vacations of my team's employees quickly and from any device. I can have easy visibility of my teams' work schedules and provide a more immediate response to holiday approvals."

"Yo! is an intuitive and easy-to-use app. The fact that it has a very pleasant layout, for the user, provides agility in the analysis and collection of information, saving time on a daily basis.
Another added value is the fact that the development and support team is always available to intervene and help when we need it."

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