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Through our algorithm, Non-Conformities allow a quick analysis of deviations from the scheduled time.

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Types of Non-Conformities

Extra hours
Missed hours

Deviation analysis

Non-Conformities are generated whenever there are deviations between the employee's attendance and working hours.

Non-Conformities save you time, preventing you from spending time on uncharacterized information analysis
Exemplo de relatório de não conformidade em detalhe.

Acting on Non-Conformities

It is possible to act directly on the Non-Conformities generated to easily generate additional work or absence.

You can generate different types of absences for the number of hours you want
Actuação directa e Lista de ações corretivas sugeridas no Portal YO!.

Disable Non-Compliances

You can deactivate the Non-Conformities feature for specific employees or for everyone as needed.

Can disable Non-Conformities for a specific employee
Interface para desactivar as não conformidades no portal YO! de modo rápido e eficaz

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